Become a self-employed in Spain

If you are thinking of become a self-employed in Spain and you are a foreigner, you must take into account a large number of aspects to apply for authorization to be able to be self-employed, something we are going to talk about in this article.

How to request authorization to become a self-employed in Spain

The foreigner must present the application for temporary residence and work permit (EX01) in person at the Spanish Consular Office corresponding to his/her place of residence. In addition, this documentation must be provided:

  • Copy of valid passport or travel document recognized as valid in Spain and with a minimum validity of 4 months.
  • Sanitary certificate to certify that you do not suffer from any of the diseases susceptible to quarantine provided for in the International Health Regulations.
  • The qualification or accreditation according to the qualification required for the exercise of the profession.
  • Accreditation that you have the necessary economic investment. If not, sufficient commitment of support from financial or other institutions.
  • Authorizations or licenses that are required for the installation, opening or operation of the projected activity or for the professional exercise, indicating the situation in which the proceedings are for its attainment.
  • Project of the establishment or activity to be carried out, with an indication of the planned investment, its expected profitability and jobs planned with that creation.

The Consular Office shall register the application and decide on it. If it is accepted, it must be collected within one month. During the period of validity, the application must be in Spain. When you are in Spain, you may begin your activity, but you must join, register and pay Social Security contributions.

From here, a series of tax obligations are assumed, which you can consult with an expert, who will advise you on this process.

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