Can You Let Out Your Home for the Christmas Period?

Renting out homes during holiday periods is in vogue and it’s a very profitable, so you may be considering renting a home during these dates. Some people do it lightly without going into details, but the truth is that before offering a rental of this type it is important to know what the regulations of each city and each autonomous community stipulate in this respect. 

Basic requirements for renting your house at Christmas

There are a number of basic requirements that you should take into account when renting out your home for Christmas: 

  • To have an occupancy licence.
  • Register the property in the Tourist Establishment Register of the Autonomous Community where it is located and sign a declaration of responsibility.
  • Use the Registration Code provided by the Autonomous Community in any advertising for renting the property.

The regulations of each city 

Before renting your house for Christmas, you should find out what the regulations are in your city and region. You must know there is no standard national regulation. In each community there are specific regulations, so you will have to contact the official bodies. 

Also, don’t forget that the benefits you get from renting your home at Christmas will have to be paid for in the corresponding tax return. That is why you will have to contact an agent to see how much you have to declare and thus comply with tax law. 

In short, if you are thinking of renting your home at Christmas, you should check what the city and the autonomous community in which the property is located establishes from the regulatory point of view. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in sanctions from official bodies. 

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