First time buyers: How to get on the property ladder

Buying a first home can be a challenge. Especially when you consider how volatile the real estate market is in our country. However, there are a number of recommendations that we can follow so that everything can be much easier than we think. 

Saving money

Depositing a fixed amount of money each month in a savings account is important to gain access to a first home sooner. It is estimated that to pay for the purchase of a first home you should have saved at least 30% of the total amount of the home. 

The mortgage advisor

Having the services of a mortgage advisor will allow us to have access to the best mortgages on the market and apply for the one that best suits our needs. The mortgage advisor will analyze our budget and will indicate us which are the best options according to our income level. 

Visit the property with a real estate expert

A real estate agent will help us with everything related to the purchase and sale of the property. Whether it is a new or second-hand property, he or she will help us and guide us during the visit to see if the house is in line with our possibilities or if there are other better properties in the portfolio. 

The costs associated with the purchase

First-time buyers may not realize that there are additional costs involved in buying a home. Along with the mortgage, you must pay the IBI, home insurance, community fees, unexpected expenses, reforms before entering the house, etc. 

These are just some of the recommendations to take into account before buying your first home. It is necessary to take some time and investigate well before taking such an important and definitive step.

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