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What do you know about taxes?

Taxes in Spain are levied by national (federal), regional and local governments. Tax revenue in Spain stood at 36.3% of GDP in 2013. A wide range of taxes are levied on different sources, the most important ones being income taxsocial security contributions, corporate taxvalue added tax; some of them are applied at national level and others at national and regional level.

Knowing how and what to pay could be really hard for foreings.  Seeking professional legal support will be essential in ensuring that you meet your tax liabilities without delay and you understand everything about what are you paying.

Fiscal representation is one of the services most sought after by our clients. When buying a property in Spain, non residents are liable to pay Income Tax for the property they own. This tax is paid to the Spanish Hacienda (Tax Office) every year. It is also a legal requirement that all property owners that are non residents appoint a Fiscal Representative in Spain.

Our fiscal representation services includes, not only the preparation and submission of your tax returns as non residents, but also any assistance and advice that you might need regarding your fiscal status in Spain. You will receive the best advice depending on your personal situation and your estate.  Our solicitors will provide you with the tax information you need in every specific situation, for instance, when you become a resident in Spain.

If you would like to appoint us as your fiscal representatives in Spain, please download the form below. Make sure you fill in all the fields (Full name, address in your country of residence, NIE numbers, etc…) Don´t forget to sign it!

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