Three easy steps to protect your property from fraud

Fraud and property scams are the order of the day. New technologies have led to a multiplication of cases of this type of crime. That is why we must consider a series of effective measures to protect our property from any possible fraud. 

The advice of a notary

If you have any doubts, it is essential to always have the advice of a notary. This professional will be in charge of attesting the validity of the contracts of purchase and sale of the property. Furthermore, he or she will also validate the sale of a property by verifying that it is free of charges of any kind. 

The identity of the seller

The notary can also take care of ensuring the identity of the seller, whether it is a sale between individuals or with an estate agent. The more references you have from the selling entity, the less likely you are to suffer fraud. 

Check the real state of the property

Another step to protect your property from fraud is to check the actual condition of the property. Before buying a house, a visit is made to check its condition. However, we must also check the state of the pipes, the electrical installation, the air conditioning and heating equipment, etc. These are details that are not seen at first sight, but which can later lead to an added cost. 

These three simple steps can serve as a guarantee that we will not suffer any type of fraud in the property we are going to acquire. It is very important to be on the safe side in this type of transaction, especially when it is between individuals. In most of these cases, having a trusted notary public can always be the best solution. 

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